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About Us

The PiXL Club

PiXL (Partners in Excellence) is a not-for-profit partnership of over 1,700 secondary schools, 600 sixth forms, 500 primary schools, and 75 providers of alternative education. Together we share best practice to raise standards and to give students a better future and brighter hope.

Founded by Sir John Rowling, PiXL emerged in 2005 from the school improvement programme, the London Challenge. When government funding for the initiative ceased, the 50 member schools at that time decided voluntarily to continue with its model of collaboration around leadership and shared resources. PiXL has since grown to become the largest network of schools in England and Wales.

                    Sir John Rowling and Will Smith who lead PiXL

With a focus on Key Stages 2, 4 and 5, each of PiXL’s tailored programmes provides a wealth of classroom strategies and resources and brings school leaders and specialists together at regular conferences to share ideas and support.

At these regular meetings, workshops led by subject specialists offer up to date guidance and insight. Departmental leaders at all levels also have access to other high quality training and development opportunities.

It’s not just academic excellence that PiXL supports. In 2014, PiXL launched its character development programme, The Edge, designed to empower students with the attitudes and attributes essential for employability and life. In 2017, PiXL launched the Them and Us project to develop cultures in school and society centred around understanding, kindness and respect.

PiXL is not political, not profit making, and not driven by sound bites or imprecise, misunderstood schemes. It is driven by a deep moral purpose.

In building a supportive network of committed schools, drawing on experienced and energised subject leaders, and celebrating each other and our students, the impacts have been, and will continue to be, profound.

If you are interested in joining PiXL, we would be delighted to invite you as a guest to a main meeting in London where you can gain a better understanding of how PiXL works and the potential benefits for your staff and students.

Alternatively, a meeting at your school with a member of our team can be arranged.

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