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Membership Fees

Being a member of the PiXL family includes access to a wide range of resources and experienced subject specialists to help support your school.

Interested schools are invited to attend a meeting as a guest to gain better insight into how the organisation works and how becoming a member could benefit your school. Alternatively, a meeting at your school with a member of our team can be arranged.

To find out more and to arrange this, please e-mail [email protected]

PiXL Offer 2018 - 19

PiXL membership fees - 1st September 2018 - 31st August 2019 


PiXL and PiXL 6



this includes a dual membership discount of £500

PiXL 6
PiXL Trip
this includes a TRIP allowance of £1200

*Schools with sixth forms who wish to be a PiXL6 member must also be a PiXL member.

PiXL Primary membership fees - 1st June - 31st May

Type of membership

(see offer document)

Over 125 pupils Under 125 pupils
Standard Membership

£2600 + VAT

£1900 + VAT
Enhancement 1 £2950 + VAT £2250 + VAT
Enhancement 2 £3600 + VAT £2900 + VAT

Reduced rates apply for schools joining from 1st January

Edge membership fees - these fees no longer apply as the Edge is now offered within the PiXL Membership


PiXL6 is an additional membership for schools with a sixth form.  A discount of £500 will be applied to the invoice if you are applying for both memberships. 

Schools with sixth forms who wish to be a PiXL6 member must also be a standard PiXL member. 

Membership fees cover the academic year from the date of joining to 31st August (31st May for PiXL Primary). 

Reduced rates apply to schools joining after 1st January.